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    Why is a Marketing Calendar by CoSchedule the Perfect Tool for Property Development?

    Digital marketing has evolved drastically in the last few years. It has been widely adopted in various industries throughout the world. These tools have enabled companies to obtain real-time customer insights and communicate with them more effectively. In recent years, the UK property market has also begun to embrace the digital world, shifting from the high street to the internet as potential buyers become ever more tech-savvy.

    In essence, the conventional way of marketing properties has come to an end. Traditional advertising channels that were once so effective – TV, radio, and print – are diminishing in impact, no longer connecting as they once did. The platform for marketing properties has changed, and it is absolutely necessary that property developers and real estate development companies keep up with how new buyers are utilising the technology available for property research. With an increasing number of digital platforms available and a rapidly growing number of users, it is imperative that companies develop and execute a full digital marketing campaign to establish an online presence.

    This was exactly our predicament last year. When we decided it was high time to launch our digital marketing campaign for MELT Property, we were faced with a dilemma of choosing the marketing tool that will suit our company’s needs – and mind you there are hundreds to choose from.

    Thankfully, we discovered CoSchedule!

    Most of the social media marketing platforms we encountered place their emphasis on scheduling social media messages across various social media accounts. But with CoSchedule, it is so much more – it is an all-in-one marketing calendar that brings your content and social media in the same place. CoSchedule caters to businesses of all sizes. Click here to try it for free and check out what suits you.

    At its cheapest and most simple level (starting at 14 USD), it helps you organize your blog posts and social media. The higher-priced tiers, however, offer a full online marketing suite, where you can create and schedule all of your marketing activities. See their pricing here.

    We have a very wide range of marketing needs; with multiple brands and many social platforms, therefore we opted for the Marketing Suite.

    With Marketing Suite it allows you to:

    • Manage marketing requests
    • Automate team workflows
    • Sort your calendar by team
    • Store assets and files
    • Track team progress

    We have a total of 25 social profiles integrated to Coschedule. It is quite a handful but Coschedule’s system makes it convenient for you to see, schedule, and share all of your marketing (plus you can colour code each project, perfect way for organising and easy reference!).

    So in essence, what does Coschedule do? Here is a list of some of the critical points you can use Coschedule to your advantage:

    1. Take control of your process, see all of your projects together, and show your progress.

    This is how our calendar looks like:

    You can see all your posts, all your social media, and anything else you choose to put into your calendar. Most of this happens automatically so there’s no long laborious process of inputting things – it’s already there!

    • Make rescheduling a breeze by dragging and dropping projects right in the calendar.

    If you change your mind when you are going to publish a post, you can drag and drop that post to a different day/time. And the best thing is all the associated social media moves with it.

    • Schedule all of your social media quickly and easily.

    You can schedule the same message to go out on multiple channels.

    • Use ReQueue to keep resharing evergreen social media content.

    You can set the ReQueue function to reshare your previous social media messages as if they were new.

    • Set your social media to go out at the best possible time.

    CoSchedule uses data to intelligently share social media posts at the highest traffic times for each of your social profiles. If you set your social message for ‘best time’, CoSchedule will automatically share your post at the best possible time. However, if you want to share your post at a specific time (e.g. to coincide with a specific event which is sometimes the case for us) you can do that too.

    • Integrate with many different platforms.

    We have 25 different social profiles across all social media channels so this feature creates a seamless workflow and greatly reduces the amount of jumping between different social accounts.

    • Automatically generate report

    Reporting is very critical to our company so this is one of our favourite features in Coschedule as it automatically gives you the statistics. You just choose which data you need and it gets downloaded in seconds!

    Having a visual plan sets us accountable to the goals we’ve set for our company. So if you want the best tool at your disposal, CoSchedule is absolutely the right tool for you.

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